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Grace House Ministries

Grace House Ministries was founded on the 7th of March, 2004 in  Randburg, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. The ministry has been growing steadily since then.

Thanks for taking out the time to visit  our site. May the Lord meet you at the very point of your need. You are destined to succeed and achieve your goals and aspirations. 

The good news is; ' There nothing the devil can do about it, because the maker of the heavens and the earth, the one who sprinkled the stars beautifully  in the sky , who has the whole world in the palm of his hand, who is seated above all principalities and powers is right in your corner and lives in you' . Wow! 

Your life is not over until  you have been vindicated by God.  

Come on this wonderful journey with me...  


Grace & Peace be unto you.... 

Welcome to Grace House Family Church!
My prayer is for  you to feel the love and Grace of God flowing from the pages of this website.
I seek to lift up Christ and Him crucified, being raised from the dead to restore the brokenness and destruction sin has brought to humanity. I pray you seek to live out the Grace of God in your daily life knowing that in all things; God's Grace is sufficient. God desires every born again believer to live a victorious, abundant life in Christ, regardless of the situation they find themselves in.
If you live in the Johannesburg South Africa, consider becoming a part of this dynamic church. Come worship with us. In addition to the Sunday morning worship services offered at 9am and 11am, there are many opportunities to participate in small groups, ministry projects and mission teams. GHFC is a church on the move for the cause of Jesus Christ. Come catch the Holy Spirit Fire that will bring glory to God! We are located in beautiful suburb in Johannesburg, 112 Susman Ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg here in South Africa. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted to minister to you!
I am using this opportunity to say a special thanks to all our “Helping Ministry” volunteers: greeters at the doors, those who pass out bulletins, those who stand in the lobby and work at the Welcome Center, those who escort visitors to various parts of our church and others who assist in this ministry.
Remember you are doing this on behalf of Jesus Christ. Therefore, be as Christ-like as possible in all you say and do.”
The Grace of God be with you.
Pastor Chuks Ozabor
Senior Pastor 

Grace House Family Church 


Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor a man of character and charisma was born in the city of XYZ,
XYZ state, Nigeria. Being the number XYZ of the family of XYZ, Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor
has always being a strong ambitious man in the family. President and Founder of Grace
House Ministries. Pastor Chucks emigrated from Nigeria to South Africa in the year XYZ with
the goal of pursuing XYZ. 

Since its founding, the Grace House Family Church has been under the pastorate of Pastor Chuks Ozabor. He has invested hundreds of hours in the saving of souls, Bible studies, counseling sessions, sleepless nights, and time alone in the wilderness with the Spirit of God.
All of this was in preparation for his call to the ministry.
Setting the balance between ministry and being a husband to his lovely wife Augusta and father to two wonderful children Ephraim and Joshua was his next consideration. Little did either of them know that the same call to ministry was being carried out in his lovely wife, Augusta. As nothing could be better than a husband and wife team working together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, it was on (Month, date, year), that Pastor Augusta was ordained by her husband and pressed into active ministry as an assistant pastor at her husband’s side.
Pastor Chuks and Augusta Ozabor have a very strong commitment to the charge mandated to them by God: to teach his word in order to stamp out spiritual and biblical ignorance in the church, save souls, and make disciples to impact the family and the community.
Destined to do great things in Jesus, together Pastor Chuks and Augusta Ozabor willingly give their lives and possessions as servants of the most high God and the people they have been called to lead. In all that they say and do, they continuously give God all the praise, honor, and glory for the opportunity to be his humble servants.
Pastor Chuks Ozabor was married in the year 19… to Augusta Ozabor at the (place and country). Pastor Chuks and his wife Augusta are blessed with two lovely boys Ephraim and Joshua and are currently residing in their home Johannesburg South Africa. 

During his growing years, Pastor chuks Ozabor attended primary school in his native country Nigeria where he attended XYZ primary School, XYZ secondary School and went further to obtain a Bachelor degree in Arts from the University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria. Upon graduating, he transitioned from being an ordinary circular student to attending and obtaining a diploma certificate from the Rhema Bible Training Centre Johannesburg, South Africa. He is also a member of the International Federation of Christian Churches and the Chairman of Gilgal Business Foundation. He has worked as a lecturer in a secretarial training Institute in Lagos, a journalist and a successful businessman until he assumed full pastoral duties in 2000. Pastor Chuks Ozabor has attended many private courses after then to equip himself for the task ahead of him. He has never stopped building himself academically until this day. He has written XYZ books so far (name of the books) and many more are yet to be unveiled.

During this years, he served as assistant to several pastors and churches, and through his hard work and diligence serving as a pastor under the New generation Bible Church as well as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, In the fall of 2000, Pastor Chukwuma Ejiliwebi Ozabor ended his tenure as assistant pastor and ventured to pioneer a work in the City of Johannesburg. With the dedicated assistance and support of his wife Augusta Ozabor, he has overseen and propelled the growth of his flock from a group to a growing congregation of several thousands calling Grace House Family Church their place of worship.
Pastor Chuks Ozabor has a great burden and vision to move his congregation "Out of the Ordinary Into Greatness." His vision has definitely caught on at GHFC, which is clearly evidenced by the consistent stream of visitors and new converts added to each service. He has been truly blessed with favour from God and man with many doors being opened for him to influence the political and business leaders of the City of Johannesburg. 

Pastor Chuks Ozabor a man called by God to preach his pure word, who God has anointed with a strong teaching grace, has preached the message of the gospel purely without mixing any other doctrine to it. His dynamic teaching grace has seen him ministering on different platform both locally and internationally. He has been priviledged to minister to large congregations, businessmen, ministers of God of great influence and capacity, captains of industries, private sectors, conferences and seminars, government leaders and diplomats.

The message of Grace has been the foundation of the ministries, where he speaks to over 2million people over the radio and television on a weekly basis.

Grace House Family Church Media is voice that speaks Gods heart loud from the pulpit to the community as well as promotions for all major conferences. More recently, we have ventured into promoting our services in order to more effectively spread the gospel message as we stream live all our Sunday services. You are invited to view some of our previously recorded content.
The Media Department is responsible for audio and visual materials that goes to the church bookstore. Media handles the duplicating of weekly services, audio and videotape catalogs, and stocking the bookstore with the finest selection of Christian literature, music tapes and any other specialty items. The Media of the Grace House Family Church is divided into four units, which serves in their respective capacity and profession as a team. They are:

The Audio Department of Perfecting Church is responsible for having quality sound at all events in and pertaining to Perfecting Church. Inclusive of Audio's responsibilities is the recording of all sermons, both audio and video, which are available for purchase in the bookstore. This department also provides sound for all services and special events such as Convocation, weddings & special events.

Have you ever stopped to think what goes on behind the scenes at Grace House Family Church? Who keeps our equipments and gadgets in good working order? What happens when something vital (such as heating or air conditioning) quits working? Who performs the daily housekeeping duties that keep our facilities looking so neat and tidy?
The answer to all those questions and many more is…our technical team. The goal of our technical team is to support and serve the staff and members of GHFC, while maintaining the Church facilities in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord. Their excellent work is speaks all throughout the day.

Part of our goal in Grace House Family Church is to reach certain people for certain reasons, the question that keep on stirring us at the face is, do we want to connect with students, parents, or the leaders in our communities? We know each of these groups may require a different strategy. Do not intend or try to reach them all with just one thing, it usually doesn’t work.

Media – Television and Radio has been a remarkable way to reach the world for Christ. If Christians don’t have a strong presence in social media, the church will have little impact in years to come. That’s why it is so critical for Grace House Family Church to embrace media and use it as a tool to fulfill the Great Commission. At GHFC, we are blessed in this area. The TV and Radio ministry began in 20XX. The ministry then grew to include other forms of media: CD, DVD, Facebook and a website. The GHFC Television and Radio Ministry has done a wonderful job of adapting this ministry to the changing social media culture of the church. Our services can now be seen live around the world.

Where is the Children Building ? How do I get involved with a small group? What time does evening service start? Where are the restrooms? Being a greeter involves more than just standing at the door and shaking people's hands as they enter the church. It is the gift of helping as stated in I Corinthians 12:28, “And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping…”
In GHFC culture, the role of our church greeter is no less important than any other ministry. In this age of always connected-always on, a handshake and a bulletin are not enough to make the first-time visitor feel welcome. Like never before, visitors are paying more attention to how they and their families are treated. They want to feel they are important and accepted. If they are not made to feel special, the Internet provides a world of other options for them to pursue.
In order to respond to all our guests, our church greeters cover the entire church from Entry-to-Exit. In conjunction with the Parking Lot workers, this group is usually the first impression visitors get of our church. This team has a unique opportunity each Sunday to express God’s love by setting the tone of the upcoming worship service for those visiting our for the first or second time. They are always quick to provide helpful answers to questions and are committed to making our guests feel relaxed at home in our facilities. Since GHFC greeters are ambassadors of our church and our Lord, they are always willing to share our beliefs and visions with newcomers. With a simple “Thank you for coming!” these groups also are the last impression a guest has of our church.
With regard to our church greeters, they know by training that, “It is estimated that one out of every seven people comes to church with a heavy burden, so they know not to add to it, rather they are faith lifters.

At GHFC, our greeters are top-notch. Their dedication and commitment is a valued asset to our church. Their friendliness and kindness are easily seen as they minister to whatever needs our guests have.
To learn more about how to become a Greeter or Welcome Center volunteer, please contact the church office.


                                                  BE A PARTNER TODAY:

For  you to be part of the great work we are doing in Grace  House Family Church, you are free  to give  towards any of our on-going Kingdom Projects.  May God bless you richly as you do so.   

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